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Uhhhh how do you discard card

ended up beating ares and all i got was one line of dialog, tbh i thought the game was gonna crash but this is a nice surprise

Hahah! In the earliest build of the game beating Ares was mathematically impossible, so I just put placeholder dialogue there. I'm surprised anyone did it, but with leveling and new cards it's probably much easier.

yea i beated him too but i redid it because i felt bad on how we seperated and let him beat me

Do you think you can add on anything else besides the dialogue, like the option of the MC swallowing Ares whole or maybe even the possibility of Ares still having the option open of allowing the MC to be swallowed whole by him even after he was defeated fairly during the whole battle?

Although on the other hand maybe added on with a little bit of dialogue there's the option of him having the option of joining you on whatever kind of journey you might have to go on and he's staying in the motor plane a little longer if that's a possibility, at all, of course?

lots of lvling and lots of rng was hoping we could eat him but at the end as a reward but its whatever

any chance there'll be an android version?

question, will we be able to pick one route to stick on or make them remember us after the quotas are done? answering is probably a big spoiler but i need a hint or something T^T

I'm hoping to provide more info on the main story soon. Right now the game is on a short hiatus for some reworks

How do I discard cards? There is supposed to be the discard button somewhere, but where? I dont see any

You should be able to discard by dragging cards to the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I'm going to add the buttons back in though

When I enter the game,the blue border of the game screen has changed to black. I can't see the player's status during the battle, and I don't know how to drop the cards.

Idk, but there a bug with Lungo, when you can sell him silver webs repeatedly without them leaving inventory but still getting marbles for it. 

Thanks, its a great game and story. 

I have see this as well. hopefully the update i'm releasing soon will fix it up!

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I'm having a massive bug both on here and the app. I cannot install the game; in the app, I click play and it wont launch, and when downloaded and installed via the website, My computer sends me error reports because there are missing files. so it wont launch let alone start

Edit: I tried another method of replacing the new files that ARE installing with the game I had installed from a previous version 2.17 (its been a while since I played this VN, so I'm WAY behind on the current build). the game finally launched, but instead experienced seriously heavy graphical issues. It looked like the game was dipped in oil with the mish mosh of colors. it gave me a migraine trying to look at it. 

P.s. I decided to delete the game, and post this in hopes there may be a fix soon. if not for the website, then hopefully for the app

im really confused

Huh, that's super strange. Would you mind clearing your previous game data? You can find it in your appdata-LocaLow-defaultcompany- VisNovel

You can clear the data in there. then download a completely new version of the zip file, extract it somewhere that has enough storage space, and try running it again. 
Nobody else has reported this problem so I'm a bit confused as well.

Thanks! that resolved this issue for me :D

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Thanks for the guide, finally I can get some objectives.

It seems there is a bug, Gaeleon cannot analysis the Tarot Death Card from Erenye?


I'm uploading the updated version today that I think solves this bug! It has some strange thing to do with a variable being checked out of order.

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There are things about Aidan that I don't understand, would you kindly elaborate more?


       You can ask Duke in the commission building about rune etching. Doing so will give you a dialogue option with Lungo to get a resonance hammer. Bringing it back to Aidan will unlock defense upgrades and armor etching.""

It seems I lost at get a resonance hammer, it is in early gaming so I forget my milestone, now I have no more dialogue option with Lungo but also no resonance hammer for Aidan. And cannot find defense upgrades.

Also, what is the use of imbue ring? It seems just eaten my magic card and cause no damage and effect. I found out now that it can convert the next pyhsical damage to element damage

Hey thanks for asking! These are things at the top of my list to fix. 

The issue being that the quest is on an optional questline when I want it to be in the main story. I'm going to revise a bit of it to make sure that players go into future content having seen it all. So I'm going to improve Lungo's logic for the quest, Fix Aidan's logic too, and add more beef to the etching system. 

It's just taken a back seat to other construction issues that were more pressing.

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You know, the game is quite awesome. It hooked me up for long time and I enjoyed it especially the vore and NSFW part. But there is one thing I'd like to know. When my friend been playing your game at one moment Zyyph turned into a dragon (that was before the Tar's battle). However when I tried to get Zyyph in a dragon look for alternate scenes it was unsuccessful. Could you please tell me how to get Zyyph in dragon look in Diamond the Fluff

Sorry for not getting to this comment too quick! Zyyph's dragon form is accessible based on a seed that's set at the start of every new run after a respawn. 

The final version of the game will involve being respawned a lot more, so this mechanic is not very present in the current version. Sorry for the frustration!

Okay, thanks for the answer.

No Pressure or anything, I just love your game so muuuuuch <3
and wanted to ask when you are planning to release a new update. I know you were on a trip so take your time! :)

I've had a very turbulent few weeks! My trip was quite long, then I got covid, and immediately after recovering I had to prepare to move to a new place. I just finished my move yesterday so I'm hoping you all won't be waiting too much longer.

Oh no, please don't feel pressured at all! Like I said take your time and work at a healthy speed <3

where are the saves located? i'm switching computer and want to keep my progress.

also, game is good, thank you

Oh I'm glad you like it! If you're on windows it's stored in the appdata folder, under LocalLow, then a folder called defaultcompany. You'll find the VisNovel folder in there! 
There's some equivalent to that for mac.

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will the next update have the health elixirs? looked everywhere to see if it was available ^^; 

the game is so incredibly well done so far, love all the cast!

Hey I'm glad you like it! Sorry I was on a long trip and I'm getting back into the groove.

Your good, I'm hoping the next update ill have a fighting chance with the elixirs form bacchus ^^

I'm pretty confused on how to advance in the story and the guide is really old, there seems to be possible stuff in the guide that's no longer possible for me to do in-game. It's really difficult trying to beat enemies like Ares or Cerberus when they deal a lot of damage, I deal none, and my hp bar is only 10 compared to their hp being easily 5x to 10x range of that. I like the story a lot and really want to progress but the circumstances are insanely silly when there's maximum of one stat buff I've gotten I've completed everything possible that hasn't involved enemies yet I'm still too weak even for Eiks quest.

You can beat Ares without combat, but yeah the later enemies need me to finish the leveling system. Sorry, I'm working on it! I was on a long trip and only just returned. 

Ahhh I see i see, i didnt see anything about you being aware of the leveling system feeling off so figured I would mention it, I know ares is beatable without combat but It felt kinda cheat-y. Either way looking forward to more, I do really enjoy the story overall and will be following the vn often most likely!

Can you make a Linux-Build, too? - Unless it uses TyranoScript/-Builder, it might be possible relatively easily...


I can look into it! 

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Thanks so much. If you're coding on Windows, any other OS than Windows will need to make the executable files executable with a quick "chmod +x"-command, but usually people using Linux (and MacOS maybe, too), are aware of that. I'd be happy to test it if you should give it a try.

Cheers! <3

like always, great game <3~~ love where it is going :D

Thank you!!

ares story made me fr, im so sad he forgot us (i think). if it comes down to us picking someone im picking ares with no hesitation. if not him then erenye

Hey I'm glad you resonated with his story some! 

how could i not? the beautiful starry night background added more sadness too


For some reason, I cant get the "be prey" option for Lungo. Am I missing something?

You may have it turned off? I've not seen someone else have this issue. 

That's the weird thing, its always been enabled and the option is still not there. I even did a new save and it still didn't appear.

Uau, é um ótimo jogo e com o elemento vore para completar! Realmente gostei.

Espero que nas próximas atualizações tenha mais conteúdo de Duke e Bacchus (principalmente vore) e como este jogo tem aspectos de RPG poderia ter o elemento de jogo Party como no início da história do Lungo que ele ajuda na batalha e acaba devorando o inimigo, como convidar personagens para se juntar ao grupo em batalhas. E também mais sobre o passado de Duke, sobre sua jornada para a Fronteira (devorando inimigos pelo caminho...).

all the good games are always buggy for mac </3

Ah really sorry to hear you're having issues! I might try making a version that relies less on unique scripting down the line.

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The game has been pretty cool so far, I really enjoyed it!

--------- SPOILERS ------------

I'm a bit confused however, when we try to ask Simon something and the type - in box shows up, I can't find a question that won't make  him scolding me for "saying nonsense". Is there anyway to figure out what questions to ask him? Thanks!

I also kind of have a crush on Hectar and Erenye, eheh-- Hopefully we can talk with them some more in the future!


Haha, that Simon menu actually allows for in-game cheating if you have the right codes. I put it in to help some folks experiencing strange glitches! I'll probably move it so folks don't get confused. 

Don't worry, there will be more of the magic boys. Glad you had some fun!

I have a problem that i can't see the card art during combat, so i've been left with picking random cards and hoping they're what i need. It's quite frustrating tbh. Is there a way to fix this loading error? I'm playing on a mac btw

Ah. Mac unfortunately has had a few glitches that I haven't been able to sort out so well. I believe someone had some luck by deleting the game's old files in whatever the Mac equivalent of the roaming data is. 

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by the way, are you supposed to be screwed when Ares is charmed?
(i know its not the way to "beat" his encounter, i just wanted to know if that is normal or a bug.)
(Possible fight spoiler below?):

i mean, on one hand all his attacks a missing me, but on the other, he regenerates so much every round that all attacks become basically useless. and since i cant forfeit the match, or lose the match, i can practically only load an older savefile.

Interesting loop! I'm going to maybe make his accuracy higher, then. I didn't realize he was landing so infrequently. The effect of charm is supposed to happen, but not the soft lock haha.

Is this game playable on Android somehow? I managed to run your previous game (BTSP) on the android app "Joiplay"  but this one didn't work , maybe because it's on a different engine or the like? 

Sorry for the lengthy question! 


Unity has a lot of resources for making games playable on android. I'm considering finding some way to make a version for it, though at the moment it may be a bit out of my development scope for the smaller updates! 

will there possibly be some more stuff with Leuphe? i maaaay or may not already have a tiny crush on him xP

There will be more~

*visual excitement*

So is there a guide for such things as shortcut keys like screen shots and saves or am I missing somthing?

Haha, not a bad idea. In all honesty, I've not published one yet because I've not definitively decided on how some functions will be done in the final product. I should get that sorted.

 can you only beat ares thru pacifism? (BTW THANK YOU FOR THE MAC VERSION ;u;)

Nawh you can win through skill, but currently it would be pretty tough! 

My strategy was to create a lot of ultimate cards and then play them with double shields but got the win from pacifism while prepping..

Is that emergent gameplay? Haha!

Yes it was. I lost the first 2 times with my normal deck and then tried a full strike deck but didn't work so had to change my strategy and got that idea.

I seem to encounter a glitch where if I forfite or loose any combat, and hit continue then after the cards are delt and I play one it says I forfite and I get stuck in a death loop

Yeah the forfeit problem has been pretty prevalent lately. I thought I fixed it but it seems to just be worse. I'll sort it out, thanks! You can fix it by restarting the game I believe. 

I'll give it a try. Besides that I really like it, does it continue after dealing with ...the cave. I'm not sure when its finished XD

I'm glad you like the parts that work!!

i have an issue where on certain enemies clicking cards makes me forfiet (an attack card against a kolbimp for example) i get why this happens with other enemies but i thought any card works against a kolbimp correct me if im wrong 

also where do i look for seeds just as a general area


The forfeit glitch is pretty mysterious and I'll be addressing it really soon. A lot of people are experiencing it. 
In terms of seeds, you can only get one source of them, through Tar's quest

ah right thanks for the response, after wandering ive pretty much done most of the stuff and im just missing one card, also just as a heads up in the tar fight its easy to cheese it if you have lost as, if you go back to the text before the actual loss dialogue (for me that is swiping to the right as i have a touch screen laptop) the game panics and sets up a win condition even though the fight was technically never finished just as a heads up

Ooooooh. Good to know! I'll have to remove rollback a little further down the line. Thanks!

Found a bug, was exploring the forest and encountered an enemy demon with only 1HP and no artwork. after beating him i got 100 source and a "C" (yes just the letter C) as a loot and then the game stops right there in the loot window (the music was still playing though.)

Woah! That's... that's really kinda crazy honestly.
It implies that you've somehow managed to skip the code. The variable C is used to denote choosing Taboo, I believe, but somehow it skipped all that and just let you keep going without loading him. 
Did you save or load during combat at all? 

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not really, thought i was clicking/skipping really fast.and i continued the game (long before the fight) from a save i made with an earlier version, dont know if that helps.


Saves from earlier versions don't play very well with the current. I'm not sure how that glitch would come about, but I'll do some investigating! Thanks for finding it.

No problem, always glad to help.

how can i defeat ares ?

Try pacifism

what do you mean by that?


he asked me to defeated him so how can i make peace with him?

He will never attack first, so if you deal no damage each turn he'll eventually forfeit

Deleted 28 days ago

The forfeit glitch has been happening in the nightly builds too, which is odd because I've tried a few different fixes. I'll give it another crack! 

The infinite card one is REALLY strange though, I'm sorta shocked that one is popping up because I've not seen it in a while. Are you playing on an old save?

Deleted 28 days ago

Yeah at the moment cards are unlocked globally. I'm going to try to fix the forfeit glitch and iron out all the things related to combat as soon as I can.

You need to

  • launch Terminal [Applications/Utilities], then type or copy/paste chmod +x [including a space after the x]
  • then drag the app you need to change the perms straight onto the Terminal window, which will fill in the correct path
  • hit Backspace once, as the last task will add an unnecessary space
  • Then you need to add the sub-path to the actual executable inside the app, so copy this & paste it onto the end of your current Terminal line /Contents/MacOS/*
  • Hit Enter

This will change the permissions to executable.

An example of the 'finished' Terminal command, using TextEdit as the example chmod +x /Applications/*

Note: Terminal never tells you "Success" or "Done" etc. If you see it add a new line saying yourMac:~ yourname$ then it's finished. If there's an error it will report that.

If you get an error saying you do not have permission to do this, then start over, but use sudo chmod +x for the first step. This is, in effect, "Administrator Override" mode. You will be asked to provide your Mac password when you hit Enter [which will not show at all as you type it] then hit Enter again.

I am a mac user and this way worked for me. Please do not ask me questions regarding this as I searched it on google. I don't know enough about Terminal to help you.

Ah thank you! I'll archive this info. I am not a mac user so I can't really fiddle with this stuff, unfortunately. 

You are very welcome!


If you discard all the card or used up all the crad, the game stuck at the next round as nothing you can do.


I believe that I've solved the issue for the next release. Crossing my fingers at least!

is ther a discord

Yeah! Right now it's mostly for patrons but feel free to message me on my social media or something for access.

Deleted 204 days ago

hard to read the cards

I've added a journal that gives you a breakdown of what the cards do and how they're scaled!

ok small issue i noticed on a pc when you mouse over the discard button the card jump forward and  the mouse click hit the card and uses it not the discard button which is what you wanted to do. make the card jump forward  but upwards sp the button is where the mouse pointer clicks on on the enlarged card 

Yeah I think I'm going to redo how some of them function. I've been getting a lot of feedback that they could be more responsive

ngl the game looks pretty promising, but the only complain i hv so far is how the cards are presented in windowed mode, the cards dont seem to group or come closer when i discard any card from my deck either


Hey thanks! 

I worked a bit on the cards and there's now more space between them, I'll try on making them more responsive as we keep going through the project. 


Question how do I Level up, I have gone to the woods beaten a lot of things, tried sleeping in town, but I am still at only 10HP and i have to beat a tiger with 100 HP who  kills with 2 hits 

That fight is more of a puzzle and you beat it through a different method! It's designed to be pretty much impossible

Leveling up is being implemented now

How do I receive Ares's card? I beat him up, tried the pacifism, nothing. Does he have a tarot card yet?

I believe the Ares card was added the day after the latest public release, so it's impossible to get it until the next one. That's coming up soon, though. I've been trying to make releases a bit more common just so folks can find errors and help me steer the game's direction.

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